Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ravelry Application

Hey All!
So, I have finished my Ravelry application for the "Email Fairy" postition. I completed a slideshow that is a glimpse into my life in the Gorge and knitting. Here is a little sneak peek of a couple of the slides...

I was just at Knot Another Hat in Hood River yesterday loving on their most recent shipment of Malabrigo. I got a skein that looks like it might glow in the dark! Woah! Can't wait to create something fabulous with it.

I am currently working on a hat for a friend who gave me these, and plain. Well, I don't really care for most shades of blue, and plain just isn't super easy for me to understand. I chose a blue skein from the Cascade Heathers 220 collection. It reminds me exactly of when a blue pen explodes and gets all over your hands. I decided to go with a cable pattern for the hat. I think it will come out nicely and not be too over the top for Nathan.

That's all for now.
Happy Knitting,

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