Saturday, March 21, 2009

Coming back to blogging.....

It has certainly been a while since either of us have blogged! We are excited to get back to it! Welcome to our loyal friends, both new and old. This blog will be dedicated to our creative outlets.

Squirrel (Jacob) loves: making beer, making beads from driftwood, creating with resin and natural elements, cooking, making cheese and his dogs.

Fox (April) loves: knitting, papercrafts, all things crafty really, hiking, baking, dance party, and her dogs.

The things we love are certainly not limited to the aforementioned items, but it is a good start!

More to come....

Keep the creative juices flowin'

Fox and Squirrel
By the way, our dogs are named Tank (the golden retriever) and Hanna (the flat-coated retriever) and they rule.

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