Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ravelry Application

Hey All!
So, I have finished my Ravelry application for the "Email Fairy" postition. I completed a slideshow that is a glimpse into my life in the Gorge and knitting. Here is a little sneak peek of a couple of the slides...

I was just at Knot Another Hat in Hood River yesterday loving on their most recent shipment of Malabrigo. I got a skein that looks like it might glow in the dark! Woah! Can't wait to create something fabulous with it.

I am currently working on a hat for a friend who gave me these, and plain. Well, I don't really care for most shades of blue, and plain just isn't super easy for me to understand. I chose a blue skein from the Cascade Heathers 220 collection. It reminds me exactly of when a blue pen explodes and gets all over your hands. I decided to go with a cable pattern for the hat. I think it will come out nicely and not be too over the top for Nathan.

That's all for now.
Happy Knitting,

Monday, March 23, 2009


So, in an attempt to make my Amelia hat fit better....I felted it! Crap! I know better, and Malabrigo is the type of yarn that felts if you look at it sideways! Anyway, I can still see the pattern, though barely, and it does fit me much better. I will still wear it, and it is not a total loss...ugh! Will post a pic as soon as I take one!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Hat and Some Deer

I just recently finished a hat pattern that I have been wanting to do for a while. I used my favorite yarn....Malabrigo, in a gorgeous sunshine hue! It's been so grey and wet all winter and I needed a big punch of color. Mission accomplished!

I got home from work about 20 minutes ago and witnessed the following in my neighbor's yard right next to my driveway! The deer had a hard winter this year and have been coming down and feasting on the budding plants around our house. I still get so excited to see them! Most people around here consider them pests, but they are always welcome in my yard. After moving from Portland, I love being surrounded by nature. Gotta love living in the sticks. :)

I am going to begin work on my application for my favorite website,, starting tomorrow with my friend, Jenn. I think I have the perfect idea! Hope the folks at Ravelry think so too! Keep your fingers crossed....


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Coming back to blogging.....

It has certainly been a while since either of us have blogged! We are excited to get back to it! Welcome to our loyal friends, both new and old. This blog will be dedicated to our creative outlets.

Squirrel (Jacob) loves: making beer, making beads from driftwood, creating with resin and natural elements, cooking, making cheese and his dogs.

Fox (April) loves: knitting, papercrafts, all things crafty really, hiking, baking, dance party, and her dogs.

The things we love are certainly not limited to the aforementioned items, but it is a good start!

More to come....

Keep the creative juices flowin'

Fox and Squirrel
By the way, our dogs are named Tank (the golden retriever) and Hanna (the flat-coated retriever) and they rule.