Monday, November 16, 2009

Summer's Over, Back to the Blogging!!!

So, the days have turned to short and chilly and the inside activities are beconing once again. I have been busy working on discovering new knitting patterns to bust through my stash. So far, I have been pretty dang successful. I am also trying to decide whether or not to do Christmas knitting this year. Now that it's November 16th, I think that choice may have already been made!!!
I love fall and it is the most inspiring time of year for me. The colors, the smells the food!!! We were just in Portland this last weekend hanging out with some great people in great places. I had one of the best Reuben sandwiches of all time at Pause on Interstate. They smoke their own pastrami people!! It was great to be in the city on a sunny fall day. Well...more to come. Glad to be back!

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  1. If you think that is good, you should try Kenny & Zukes!