Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Trilobite Hat

So, to be honest, I really didn't know much about trilobites when I discovered this pattern. I simply thought it looked cool. This project was a learning experience on a few different levels. It was pretty simple, for the most part, though drinking too much wine while knitting reared it's ugly head once. Not a mistake that couldn't be fixed however. It made me curious to learn a little about them....if you are curious too, follow this link:

I also was reminded that I absolutely love knitting with Berroco Peruvia. It is a highland wool that is oh so soft and the finished product looks of superior quality. Inexpensive and a luxury all at once. LOVE THAT.

It's another rainy day here in Stevenson. I guess I'm not quite used to the idea of it being so dark. I am getting the house ready for 2 house guests tonight. It's the 9th anniversary week at Walking Man and a couple of beer lovin' friends are going to crash with us. I am looking forward to it.

Jacob, Tank and I are headed to Bend this weekend to visit Corey and Anastasia. I've never spent any time there and am very excited to get away! Sometimes those little weekend trips are so great at recharging the old batteries!

Off to swim laps at the pool!

Happy Creating,

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